Tubefilter, September 2013

Parker and Maggie is mentioned by Tubefilter as an under the radar series to check out. Click here to view the article

Digital Chick TV, December 2011

In this relationship comedy, the immature, aimless Parker and rational, hardworking Maggie enter couples therapy shortly after moving in together, because men are poopyheads… As a means to get himself out of the doghouse, Parker suggests they save the relationship with a little professional coaching, which is probably cheaper than abandoning their lease. Parker’s boyishness was cute when they were dating– not so cute when you’re cohabiting... Click here to view the article

Nylon Magazine, September 2011

For fans of Friends, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What's it like to be young, dumb, and living in an impossibly cool city? Parker and Maggie will soon find out in this comic web series, which focuses on three couples whose lives get turned upside-down by their group therapy sessions. With New York City's East Village as their backdrop, they've got a lot more to navigate than their feelings. Bonus: The series is directed by NYLON TV alum Jay Buim! Click here to view the article

Serial Optimist

Actress/writer Laurenzo brings a sense of authenticity to Parker and Maggie, doing their best to get by as a couple that creates their own kind of normal.Click here to read the interview.