About Parker & Maggie

Parker and his girlfriend, Maggie, have recently moved in together. They end up in couple's therapy after Parker's lesbian boss, Donna, tells him how much it's helped her relationship with girlfriend, April. After Parker messes up, yet again, he throws couples therapy out there as a Hail Mary attempt to save the relationship.

Through couples therapy, and a charity basketball event the therapist, Dr. Fynn, instructed her patients to participate in, Parker and Maggie meet the third couple in the series, Philip and Sophie.

The three couples fall into a couples therapy clique, that is rounded out by Maggie's single, fellow wine bar co-worker, Chris, who continuously invites himself to their gatherings. The series is a bombardment of quirky characters, awkward moments, a few voices of reason, anal vs. chaotic energies, and a bunch of people trying to navigate their love life through the cluster f*ck of the East Village.

About the creator:

Jenna Laurenzo

Jenna Laurenzo

Jenna Laurenzo is a Manhattan based actress and writer. She graduated with a BHA in Drama and English from Carnegie Mellon University before participating in a year long acting conservatory at Michael Howard Studios. Visit her website

Jenna Laurenzo worked with Charles Parker Newton on a feature last summer. She had a pilot script idea, in which an improbable couple worked their issues out with an improbable therapist. After playing P. Newton's girlfriend, Jenna decided he'd be the perfect person for the script and wrote the script around their dynamic.